A Game of Clue


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American Murder Song’s Halloween Event is Clue ­themed. And there’s no better way to extend the experience than by playin’ the famous murder mystery board game with the boys, Messrs. Storm and Tender (aka “Saar Hendelman” and “Terrance Zdunich”).

We’ll share a drink from afar, roll the dice, and spend time collectin’ clues and accusin’ suspects together.

Space is extremely limited (only 4 seats per game, excludin’ your hosts), so, what are you waitin’ for? Reserve a spot at our virtual game table today.

Your Clue Game Night experience will last approximately 2 hours: 1 hour of chatting, and 1 hour of game play.

To participate in a Clue Game Night, you must own or have access to the Clue board game during game play (the classic version, not some pop culture mashup edition). There are 2 Game Nights available from which to choose.

Due to the limited and exclusive nature of these Clue Game Nights, no refunds will be issued due to cancellations.


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