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Limited Edition Compass Box Sette


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1816: The Complete Expedition On 3 Discs
(Includes download of EP IV: Wake)

“What is the meaning of these silver saucers, Mister Storm?”
heart-avatar Mister Tender

“They hold our tales of journeys West, Mister Tender!”
key-avatar Mister Storm

“Aye. Our fair compass has never led us astray, Mister Storm? Into blood, but never astray.”
heart-avatar Mister Tender

Product Description

This 3-disc set chronicles the Blood Travelers’ American journey in the year 1816 of our Cruel and Merciless Lord.

Hear! Twenty (20) tales of murder most foul put to music and recorded upon 2 shiny discs (including 5 ne’er-before-heard tunes). Witnesseth! A thorough visual documentation of the treach’rous trek, featuring behind-the-crime-scene footage and interviews, filmed and recorded upon 1 additional hammered and shiny disc.

All 3 discs are housed in a secret compartment within a handsome replica of the Blood Travelers’ very own compass. Includes a numbered certificate of bloody authenticity. Limited Edition! Only 1,500 sets available.

All Compass Box Settes come with a free digital download of EP IV: Wake.

Compass Box Sette Compass Box Sette


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