Mister Storm, American balladeer and collector of tales of bad, bad Murder. Ever chasing lightening, Mister Storm’s keepsake symbol is that of a key.

“Risen from the blood
Land don’t forgive
Murder be thy name
I am fugitive”

Mister Storm is Saar Hendelman.
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Mister Tender, American balladeer and collector of tales of bad, bad Murder. Driven by a muddy sense of duty, Mister Tender’s keepsake symbol is that of an anatomical heart.

“Traveler, I am
Knock 2, 3, 4
God is in the country
The Devil’s at your door”

Mister Tender is Terrance Zdunich.
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Like Cain of the Bible, the killers that wander Messrs. Storm and Tender’s tales are cursed to bear The Mark, a punishment for their murd’rous deeds: a sideways “A,” stained upon the left forearm… a crude arrow, pointing west.

“And the LORD set a Mark upon Cain”
~ Genesis 4:15

The Mark Of Cain is A Murderer’s Punishment.

A bad ol’ wagon, driven by Cain of the Bible, it carries Messrs. Storm and Tender through history to collect tales of American Murder.

“What’s that ridin’ o’er the hill
And darkenin’ the sky?
Lock your windows and your doors
And hope it passes by”

The Black Wagon is A Murderer’s Carriage.

The six-pointed navigation device used by Messrs. Storm and Tender to seek out and locate American murder. Branded with The Mark Of Cain, this ancient instrument points west from the 13 colonies towards bloody expansion and murd’rous deeds.

“West, young man, west!
West, young man, west!”

The Blood Travelers’ Compass is An Accursed Artifact.


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