In the beginning, Cain slew Abel with a big ol’ gun. He named that gun America.

“Was he my brother to keep, he asked?
Pale and unforgiven
Was he my brother to keep, he asked?
‘Round and ’round again”

As heard on the American Murder Song

1816. For the cold and road-weary travelin’ men and women who passed through Charleston, South Carolina, The Six-Mile Inn offered respite with warm ale and a warm bed. But it also served as the hunting ground for its owner, Pretty Lavinia Fisher: America’s first female serial killer.

“Pretty Lavinia
Of the Six and Five Mile Inns
Works the lost parlors
In a town of missing men”

As heard on the American Murder Song

Of the eighty-three members of The Donner Party who were trapped in the cabins at Truckee Lake in the winter of 1846, only forty-five survived. Lewis Keseberg was the last soul alive in camp. A Relief Party discovered him there, surrounded by bones and scraps of half-eaten human corpses.

“But out in the snow
The Devil does call
He whispers, ‘It’s time’

And breaks through the wall”

As heard on the American Murder Song

Based on the traditional Child Ballad, Edward is the tale of a boy who murders his brother and then lies to his mother about the cause of the blood on his skin and clothing.

“Mother, I have reasoned and pled
Nag your William, spoilt and late
For this is not the shade of his red
By my word”

As heard on the American Murder Song

Before there was the Statue of Liberty, Columbia was the female personification of America. She leveled nations and eradicated tribes to expand the American ideal.

“O Mother Columbia!
Take us in your breast
Thy blinding scarlet stars

Ever spilling west

As heard on the American Murder Song

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