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COVID-19 has ushered in a crazy-tough time for us independent artists. The bread, butter and birthday cake that keeps our business afloat (and allows us to keep makin’ tasty murder ballads for you and yours) is live touring. But this curiouser little virus hasn’t allowed for any of that. As such, these past eighteen months have shrunk us down smaller than Alice on Drink Me sauce. But … your generous donations have kept us alive. And, as the world cautiously opens back up, your help will get us back on our feet, back to normal size. Thank you in advance for your support.


As a bonus: any kind, twisted soul who donates $100 or more during the month of June, will receive a printed Thank You in our upcoming American Murder Song book. When Alice woke up, Wonderland was gone; but when your name is etched in The Big Ol’ Book of American Murder Song, well, some things are forever-ever.


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