Jammies & Jams Philadelphia Fundraiser


MARCH 29, 2020

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A Night of PJs & New American Murder Songs

Your Pajama Patron Ticket Includes

  1. Hear the New American Murder Song Album first – THREE MONTHS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!
  2. Witness an Exclusive Performance with SECRET INSIGHT INTO THE NEW ALBUM by Terrance & Saar (find out how the songs were written!).
  3. A cushy Q&A SESSION with Saar & Terrance (now that’s pillow talk!).
  4. The SMUG SATISFACTION of knowing that your Ticket is helping to fund the next phase of American Murder Song, including the promotion and touring of the new album.

A Pajama Patron Ticket + These Cuddlesome Pre-Show Activities

  1. Capture your Listening Party experience with a COLLECTIBLE AMS CAMERA (it comes with your VIP ticket!). Real film. Real memories. Both (in)disposable.
  2. Pose for a PILLOW FIGHT PHOTO with Terrance & Saar.
  3. Share a round of HUGS, CONVERSATION and complimentary SPIKED HOT COCOA or CIDER and NIBBLES with Saar & Terrance.


At The Jammies & Jams Listening Party + Show Fundraiser

Grab your Tickets, PJs and Binkies and let Terrance & Saar giddily share their new album with you. The Jammies & Jams Listening Party + Show Fundraiser is a sneak peek celebration of their newest musical work. Don’t miss being a part of the journey.

Tickets to this event serve as a Fundraiser for the next phase of American Murder Song. There will be no refunds on Tickets purchased.

Jammies & Jams is an 18+ event. Hearth-y location details and more will be shared in the New Year.


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