The Donner Party Board Game

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Winter, 1846. Experience the harsh and fateful journey of America’s favorite cannibals, The Donner Party… the very same deathly journey that inspired American Murder Song’s The Donner Party Album. Brave your way out of the snowy slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains and stagger to safety in Fort Sacramento. Collect Fingers Of Meat along the treacherous Emigrant Trail whilst avoiding Toil, Trouble and Doom (and learnin’ a little history along the way). The one who gets to the Fort with the most Meat wins!

This Game Contains:

  • 1 Super-Sized Game Board
  • 8 Survivor Game Pieces
  • 72 Cards Of Toil And Trouble
  • 1 Spinner Of Doom
  • Fingers And Fingers Of Meat
  • & Much, Much More!

For 2 to 6 players aged 8 to death. It’s the Ultimate Battle Between Food And Evil. May the best Cannibal win!

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1 review for The Donner Party Board Game

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laila Zarrabi Yan (verified owner)

    An entertaining game through and through. Easy to learn and play, the first time I played with a friend we managed to go through the rules and play three rounds within an hour. While not an AMS fan, my friend greatly enjoyed the game and outright demanded we get our other friends to play it sometime. The next time I played it was with people of varying interest in AMS, which allowed for more dynamic play as well as fan-loving moments for familiar reference tiles and cards. With those that were unfamiliar with the history of the Donner Party, it was fun to engage them with snippets of history surrounding particular characters and events, as well as encouraging them to read the glossary and character profiles of our choice game pieces. Beyond game play, the instruction and glossary booklets are a riot of fun. Reading it through is something I’d recommend doing outside of game time, as you’ll be too busy enjoying the read to pay attention to your fate on the deadly trail to Sacramento. It’s clear as a trolley bell that the creators took much care in developing this game. Every detail is given proper consideration to be as engaging as possible, from the art to the rules, even to the wrapping paper! (Seriously, I’m convinced that the choice in wrapping tape was purposefully chosen to be easy to remove without tears, because they know us fans are avid enough to want to keep a copy of the poster-wrapping.) Overall, I highly recommend new and old fans alike take a gander at this game for your personal collection. It’s a well worth investment for your future game nights.

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