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“Is this the damned and accursed relic that we played aboard The Black Wagon, Mister Storm?”
heart-avatar Mister Tender

“’Tis one and the same, Mister Tender. Do you have the belly to go another round?”
key-avatar Mister Storm

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Winter, 1846. Experience the harsh and fateful journey of America’s favorite cannibals, The Donner Party. Pick up and own the game today… IF YOU DARE!

May the best cannibal win:

Brave your way out of the snowy slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains and stagger to safety in Fort Sacramento. Collect Fingers Of Meat along the treacherous Emigrant Trail whilst avoiding Toil, Trouble and Doom (and learnin’ a little history along the way). The one who gets to the Fort with the most Meat wins!

This Game Contains:

  • 1 Super-Sized Game Board
  • 8 Survivor Game Pieces
  • 72 Cards Of Toil And Trouble
  • 1 Spinner Of Doom
  • Fingers And Fingers Of Meat
  • & Much, Much More!

For 2 to 6 players aged 8 to death. Playing time may vary depending on levels of hypothermia and starvation: 60 – 90 minutes, or 2 – 5 months.



Optional add-on: 4″ The Mark Vinyl Sticker

Optional add-on at checkout: Gift wrapping


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