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54 unique illustrations of American Trav’lers who done killed in a hand-stained, wooden box bearing The Mark Of Cain. A perfect pastime for the bettin’ trav’ler, the deck was seen being played by Messrs. Storm and Tender in American Murder Song’s “The Six-Mile Inn” music video. These fine playin’ cards are drawn by Mister Tender, also known as one Terrance Zdunich.

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5 reviews for The Trav’lers Deck

  1. Kasy Powell

    Very cool collectible. I really enjoy the box, useful not just for card but you can put small jewelry or stash things in it as well. The cards are professionally printed and the artwork of them are “most fetching” as they would say. Price point it just that, on point for such a unique collectible.

    -Fullmetal KBK

  2. Justice (verified owner)

    Another nifty piece of swag. The cards are of serviceable quality and the box is quite fetching.

    However the hearts and diamonds are black, not the traditional red.

    The box is considerably larger than the cards which, depending on your temperament, may be considered a boon or bane.

  3. Erin Banks (verified owner)

    They are amazing and they are well added addition to my ams set. I am waiting from
    Moving to put my ams stuff out and put everything together. It will be with my compass and game and lunch box as well.

  4. Antoniogor

    American Murder Song frequently collaborates with director and visual effect artist Jake Akuna, graphic designer Oceano Ransford and stop motion animator Harry Chaskin Robot Chicken. [45] Terrance and Saar regularly use social media to involve fans in their creative process.

  5. Antoniogor

    Dawn , American Murder Song reinterpreted the traditional Child Ballad “Edward,” the tale of a boy who murders his brother and then lies to his mother about the cause of the blood on his skin and clothing. Finneus Buck, where “Fans flocked to the event dressed in their best funeral attire, ready to pay their respects to the deceased.” [20] Due to popular demand, The American Wake Tour extended to 5 additional American cities [21] and on January 20, 2017, American Murder Song performed selections of The Year Without A Summer at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco. That same March, Terrance and Saar embarked on a research road trip where they followed in the historical footprints of the Donner Party and invited fans to be a part of the journey by watching live streaming videos.

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